Newbie from nr. Croydon... hello!

Hey there - I passed my CBT just after Christmas and recently got a Suzuki Marauder 125 (called Maud) - she’s the apple of my eye, even though she does need a service :slight_smile: I’m still a little nervous on the roads, but hoping to improve vastly and enjoy riding a bit more.

Myself, I’m from Wallington, near Croydon, working in North London. When I’m not “working” I like photography, tattoos, cats, bikes and trampling about in the countryside.

hi and welcome to LB’s

Hi jackal, I’m another Wallington resident.

Welcome to LB :smiley:

cool, I’ll wave if I see you - don’t be alarmed by the girl on the little Maroon Marauder :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi and welcome aboard.

hey! welcome to LB!

Hi and Welcome - i go through Wallington regularly… i will keep an eye out!

Hello and welcome!


Well done with the CBT, where did you take it? Did mine at RAE in Walington!

We are just over in Selsdon, so if you fancy some company for a ride sometime give us a shout

Carol (Mrs GSXR)

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

I lived in South Norwood for 16 years, moved down to Tonbridge last year but still commute to Croydon every day :wink:

Hello and welcome to LB:D

I’ve just come from Wallington; using Asda in the early hours, when it’s empty, is so much nicer than fighting with the crowds during normal hours.

Welcome to LB, fellow Croydon countryside-trampling, biking person :slight_smile:

Hi, how are you?

Bikewize in Sutton… not terribly impressed with them to be honest, but after my second go I passed. First instructor gave up on me because I was having problems with the clutch, and I repeated my test on a twist-and-go.

Hi and welcome to LB from a fellow Croydon resident.:slight_smile:

RAE were really good, did my CBT and test with them. Family run buisness, really friendly. They say its in wallington, but its really just off the purley way, stafford road. At least you got there in the end!


Hi & welcome to LBs;)

do you know if they do DAS tests too? I’ll keep them in mind for the future if so.


I did my DAS with elite Motorcycle training at Wimbledon Dog stadum. they were superb, great guys and always willing to help you out on the problems you were having whilst learning.

I am not big on reccomendations but they have 3 x instructors there that were great.