Newbie from London :-)

Hi all!!

a quick one just to briefly introduce myself to LB :slight_smile:

new to bikes, my first bike is a Suzuki GSR 600 K7 :slight_smile:

looking forward to meet you all (ok, maybe just some of you :slight_smile: )


PS Does anybody want to meet up and go for a ride when the weather gets better?

RV somewhere to be agreed in London :slight_smile: ?!?!

Need to get out of the ‘SMOKE’ for a days ride out :slight_smile:





Hello and welcome to LB Mate, there is often a rideout most weekends in the summer. Keep an eye out on the ride out and meets etc or post one up yourself and see who’s free and wants to go for a ride.

Welcome to the funny farm :smiley:

welcome matey :smiley:

welcome to LB:D

Hello & Welcome

I’m always up for a ride out so feel free to give me a shout :wink:

hiya mate, welcome aboard, where bouts in london u @, if im free im always up for a blast, lovely bike :smiley:

Hi and welcome aboard.

hello :slight_smile:

I live between Southwark and Lewisham, SE14 :slight_smile:

hi Superdude, welcome to lB:)

Get yourself down to borough market on a wednesday night and meet some of the gang:cool:

So thats new cross, dont ya like people to know? lol.

I am in se16, Bermondsey/rotherhithe.

Welcome m8.

Bandit Country;):P:D

hello and welcome matey :slight_smile: said elsewhere but lookout in the rideout section usually summat happening

Exactly!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I know Bermondsey / Rotherhite well, i lived there…and it’s much better than New X :slight_smile:

hi and welcome

They wear funny jackets that do up on the wrong side dont they :DWelcome to LB mate, there’s loadsa rideouts when its a bit warmer :slight_smile:


Welcome superdude. You’ll fit right in. :wink:

Welcome to LB, your close to my old neck of the woods sunny Peckham but I’ve moved out to Surrey now. :cool: