Newbie from Kent

Hi , :DNewbie from sunny Kent , great site hope to attend a meet soon





hello and welcome :slight_smile:

nice plate…ya showoff !!! :D:D:D

Nice bike,looks better when its parked next to mine in the basement:D.Hello and welcome;)

Welcome to LB. :smiley:

What bike’s that?

hi and welcome. im in kent so always up for a ride out:D

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

Hi also from Kent, see you around:hehe:

Hi :smiley:

Thanks for the warm welcome , always up for a ride out

Broady: Hi mate new bike ? honda gone ?

Hi nice looking bike

Also from Kent:D

Hi :wink:

How’s the arai ? did you get a new side pod ??? I remember you stating you lost one lol…

Try visor shop, and check out the hissy rep Arai lid :w00t:

Hell & Welcome … I’ve recently moved to Kent, so up for any ride-outs :smiley:

Hi and welcome:) (also in Kent)

hello and welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome:cool:

Thought i recognised the bike and name;)

Will have a look no way I was stopping in the Blackwall Tunnel :w00t: had to let it go

See you with the wasters.

Hiya, also from kent. I would offer to go on a rideout but you’d be kicking my 600arrse on a busa! hehe :smiley:

That skeleton bike doesn’t sound that bad through the tunnel had to take it easy on the loan bike :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry Mel you just need to do a “Haga” and stay in the slipstream lol…:wink:

Now that is a nice bike … absolutely stunning !

Welcome to LB mate.

You’re a bit biased though trojan, hehe. :smiley:

i would defo be up for a meet bring my little ZX12R for a party,im sure the 2 would get along fine hmmm?:stuck_out_tongue: