Newbie from clapham!

Afternoon all!

Just registered this morning as i need a new club to return to as i am now no longer a participating car enthusiast!

Passed my DAS on Friday (with a clean sheet!)… The learning starts now!

So i have yet to get a proper bike, shopping has started from now :smiley:


Hello Benn, Welcome to LB. Congratulations with your DAS test.

I live near you so if you want to ride just pm me. :slight_smile:

For bike try Infinity Clapham, nice bikes there.

welcome Benn

I live in Clapham too. I will see you around


cool, new town, new friends (new bike to come!) haha!

A very yellow gixxer is on the cards currently…!

But for now, i need to plan my evenings entertainment!

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome :slight_smile: Come to Newbie Night Monday at the Ace, on a bike or not :wink:

hi and welcome, try getting over to borough meet wednesday eve or even pop along to clapham common late friday night, at the tea hut.

hi and welcome

thanks for the welcomes guys. No can do on the evenings as i work till 8! but rest asure i’ll make the efford once i have the bike this weekend!