Newbie from Brixton Checking in

Hi all,

Thought I’d make myself known! I came down on Wednesday night and met a few of you - I was suprised at how friendly everyone was. I hadn’t even got off the bike and someone came over to say hello!

Anyhow, I have a GSXR 600 and have been riding for a few years. I’ll be aiming to join a few rideouts as all my friends are losers and don’t have bikes…

Should be down on Wednesday again and will be along to the next Newbie night so might meet a few of you then!

Welcome. I am now in Streatham Hill just up the road. Used to live further down in Brixton. There’s a few GSXRs on here:)

hello, welcome :smiley:

welcome fellow sauf londoner!!

Welcome to LB:D

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Welcome …

Just for kicks check out the ‘Ride Outs, Mees and Events’ section LINKY HERE we ride out every Sunday morning from The Ace, sometimes calling in at Box Hill or High Beech depending on the route.

I like the user name, your very own interweebby site can be found HERE

Welcome from a fellow newbie!
see you on wednesday

Thanks for the welcome all!

Art - great interweb link, I’ll be sure to frequent it in the coming months, it’s right up my alley…

Big up the sarf London possy yo. :smiley:

See you all on Wednesday!

Welcome mate…I really ought to make an effort and come to BM one day