Newbie from Berkshire

Found out about you guys from another newbie and made it along to the Ace last night.

I have the extreme good fortune to have a small collection of bikes and some interesting cars and the time to be able to ride a lot for pleasure and so rack up the miles, usually around 20k a year on the bikes, mostly touring around although this year has been a bit quiet. Most of my bikes are cruisers but I also have a V-Strom that is set up now for long distance riding with extra fuel cell etc.

Most of my riding is solo, probably too slow for most people :slight_smile: (although I did take the bike in my avatar on the Nurburgring-took me 12 minutes to get round though!).

Hope to be able to get to some of the regular meets and join a few rides.

OOOPS, forgot to post the bike pictures!

This is My Arizona bike although currently over here. Took it to the Ace last night

This is my main ride, again another Yamaha (and the record holder for slow ride with music blaring around the 'ring :smiley: )

My moonshine chop, again another Yamaha. It seems to attract the rain. I don’t remember a ride out on it yet that has been dry! Will probably bring this up to the Ace next time.

Another Yamaha Venture

The V-Strom

And finally,not a bike, not a car but a lot of fun, especially at roundabouts!

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi Shooter

nice to see you have joined us

I like the look of the chopper, look forward to seeing it

still want to have a go in that 3 wheeler :smiley:



I did see your bike at the Ace on newbie night, nice looking machine :smiley:

Hi and Welcome - nice collection you have there :slight_smile:

Hi And welcome

Lucky basturd

Hi and welcome, :slight_smile: nice collection of bikes and cars you have there :cool:

Hi welcome. What is the three wheeled thingy?:slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome everyone.

The 3 wheeled thingy is a Carver One.

Here is their website with some video footage

Welcome…Great looking bikes :smiley:

Welcome :slight_smile:

Cool collection of three and four wheelers aswell as two :cool:

Are you a super sharp shooter?

Welcome to londonbikers :cool:

hello and welcome nice collection you got there :slight_smile:

Hi and Welcome. your bike’s are O soooo pretty.:smiley:


welcome to LB

smashing collection of bikes you have, very nice:)