Newbie from Barnet north London

Hi everyone, friend of mine recommended the site and told me what a bunch loons you are… so here I am to say howdy and it’s fab & mad!

I’m not new to biking and been riding fro 12 years and own a Blade as well as a 180 Gilera scooter (I know, sacrilege/scooter boy etc :slight_smile: for daily commute. It stops me cleaning a bike all weekend (commuted on a CBR6 for 4 years!) I haven’t cleaned it for 6 months and put 55k miles on it in 4 years!

Anyhow, children have slowed me down and don’t have as much time as I’d like for ride outs, Euro tours but up for meeting at ACE and ride outs in Herts/Essex etc. I see there is newbie get together at ACE (been there many times) but how do you know who the members are? Is it the special way you guys walk? :smiley:

See ya!

welcome to the forum.

theres a secret wave/signa but only a few will know it and you have to watch team america to find it out :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks K and one of my favourite films! I suppose I need to watch it sober?

“Team America has once again pi**ed off the entire world by blowing up half of Cairo” and the funny wave has scared everyone off ACE Cafe!:slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.
I live in East Barnet, where are you.


Thank John, I live off Friern Barnet Lane, that’s actually Whetstone, but no one has ever heard of it!

thanks BXX, appreciate the warm welcome!

You are only a few mins from where i live.

cool, let me know when you’re out for a ride/ACE and can meet up.

Welcome to LB…

most of us are usually at ace on a friday

Thanks Pyro and try to be there next Friday to say hello!

Hey, welcome!! Bit late i know, but better late than never :smiley:

Let me know when you wanna hit the loony bin - i’ll join you.

Welcome Rezman - and look out for the monthly Monday newbie nights too. Usually a good laugh :slight_smile:



Hi Rezman, more details about Newbie Night at the Ace Cafe on 02/08/2010. Hope to see you there…



Hi Alex,

sorry for late response and thanks for your post. Been away on hols and just back from US of A; California in fact where it is Harley country! Saw nothing but hogs/fat boys/softtails and they were just the riders names!

They sure like their cruisers and some riding without lids and when they did it was all open face and wearing jeans & T shirts. We would be shouting health and safety and banish them from our roads but it is the norm there so who am I to say hog wash!

Anyhow, will try and make to ACE when jet lag wears off. cheers

Hi Cookie Ban-Maaan! good to hear from you and hope enjoying the summer of Luvvveerrrr? good to see afro is growing nicely and making a come back, you are a true trend setter!

Haven’t see the R6 in parking lot so suspect you’re away on hols? I am just back (see previous post). hope to catch up and see you either at work or ACE.

Be safe.


I wish! Binned it at brands and nursing broken collar bone. See you in a few weeks…

a late welcome from New Barnet :smiley:

welcome to LB :smiley:

Welcome to LB :slight_smile: