Newbie Face/Bike photo sheet



You’ll fit in well here :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


Hy all

Thats me

And thats my baby

my Newbie Thread

greetings Dennis/D.


Hi All,

Tristan here, i’m new to LB and will be making appearances soon at the meets (maybe once weather clears up, bike is rode in sufficiently). Anyway here is my bike and me! Look forward to meeting you all sometime soon!


Nice bike… and MANGOES? (from the Caribbean ?) or another fruit from another planet? :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha yeah mangoes but they were as big as my head! The were grown locally near my parents place in a region called the Tablelands near Cairns, Australia. I hadn’t enjoy a mango like that in years but got a taste when i visited the folks over xmas!


Arrrr Mangos reminds of a time as a child in Australia. They just don’t taste the same here.

Those we happy days!


This is my Newbie post:

I joined as a learner a couple of years ago, not sure if i ever said “hi”. Now not a learner anymore re-joining the community…

Hi all!

here is my bike and my coffee, mid-way pit stop from London to Highlands 19th May.

and here is me:

Long story short:

1 year on YZF R-125 filtering through london traffic got me through my restricted test. After 2 years (and restrictor kit out) of my MT03 never seeing the outside of M25 I took it out to Scotland. The way back made me decide to upgrade it to something more versatile, that is also designed for the motorways too.

Now I’m getting a Speed Tripple in a weeks time - can’t wait :w00t:


Hey Guys!





nice stick


Another Newbie saying hello!





What no custard :wink:


For those I haven’t met already, or been riding with, here’s a pic of my Little Putt Putt, and the profile pic has been updated so you know me when you see me. And for those I have met already, you may notice a lack of white and red from the front and back of the bike… Managed to not do anything stupid this afternoon. Good thing it didn’t go south on Friday night!!!


Congrats Tim! Time to go shopping :slight_smile:


Great news mate! I do quite like that little bike tho :slight_smile:


Hi All, newbie here…
Just completed my CBT about a month ago and got myself a little Honda CBR125.
Looking to get involved with some rides and learn as much as possible about bikes :slight_smile:







Hello, there is a Newbie night at the Ace Cafe on 1 July, about 6 pm. I am sure you will be welcome : see this link