Newbie clocking in

Hi Everyone

Joined a couple of weeks ago but ain’t had the bottle to post as currently a none biker. Used to be in my ‘youth’, but life, as tends to happen, kinda got in the way, and that particular avenue of pleasure was closed. Still a big fan of bikes and occasionally get the dubious pleasure of hanging on to the back of Baby Polar Bears ‘Viffer’. Been to BM and met some great guys there, so to all other newbies, get yourself along…they don’t bite. By the way, most people call me Saint, so you can too.

Black sambuccas all round then!?

Welcome Saint, sambucca on a friday sounds good to me!! :smiley:


Ohhhhhhhhhh Sambucca - welcome to LB :smiley:

hello, get yaself a bike!

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome aboard! :cool:

I’m glad you said hanging off the back of my Viffa and not out of the back of my viffa or you and me would be having words:D

Good to see you on here mate and I take it that the next time LB comes down South we’re all round to yours for a brew:w00t:

Kettle is on…you bringing the biccies then??

Nice Avatar!

Welcome aboard - its about time you graced us with your presence!!


Thought that you would like it Lou. Still looking for things to add to my nose balancing ‘cv’. Ahh, the long winter evenings are just gonna fly by.:Whistling:

Welcome to the Madhouse. Looks like you’ll fit in :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello & welcome to LB Saint.

Cheers for the Sambucca

heyhey sambucca? hell yeah with a tipple of vodka. welcome

Have you tried office stationery?

Sinner or a Saint?

Welcome to the forum :smiley: