newbie boy

hello LB

Ive been out on a couple of rideouts and met some good people and had some great times. Just wanted to introduce myself im R6STU and look forward to good rideouts and meets very soon.

welcome…do you by anychance ride an R6?? :smiley:

yeah mate bit of a give away lol

Hi and welcome aboard.

thanks m8

Hi there and welcome. :smiley:

hello and welcome



Welcome! :smiley:

hi welcome to LB :slight_smile:

welcome to lb

thanks ive met you down the ace wen you put your bike on the rolling road.

i seem to you remember you had more power than someone that you were wiv that day and

you were winding them up.

i got back to the excel early after the unity ride and there was a few of you **** balling about

on the back wheel in the car park…

is that byou???


thanks m8