Newbie Biker Signed up

Hello all,

I passed my DAS a couple months ago, and now ride a Honda 600 Hornet.

Total biking time is about 3 months, though I’ve been driving a car for several years.
(So a total bike newbie).

I’m down the Ace Cafe quite regularly, so feel free to come over and say Hi, I’ll try to do the same

Originally I wasn’t all that interested in bikes, but did a CBT with my brother, loved it and haven’t looked back. (I got 3 minors he got 2 on the test)

Oh, and I dropped the school bike whilst doing the DAS…well better theirs than mine

I’ve had a rear hugger fitted since I took that and am getting a leather tank cover next week
(there’s already a small scratch on the tank )

Welcome aboard mate, had my car licence for 14 years but have been riding for about 3 months too, loving it !

Welcome… nice bike. I’m a newbie too (DAS first fime in March)… enjoy the riding!

lo oh hang on, your me brother, so don’t need to say hi :stuck_out_tongue:

welcome matey!!

welcome to LB,

ive been driving for 15yrs and decided to do a DAS course too.

Just waiting for my bike to arrive - ordered a street triple for the 1st september.

nothing like being on 2 wheels…

Hiya and welcome to LB.

Hiya, Welcome to LB. Be good to see all you newbies at the next newbie meet on 3rd september.

Come along and say a big hello

Hey, welcome to LB! Nice ride, hope to see you at Borough Market this week!

Welcome to LB’ers

hi and welcome



Thanks for the warm welcome all,

I’ve actually met a few of you in person already (though I didn’t know it at the time)

I’ve met Spidey (the guy with the custom Spiderman paintjob) sound fella,

I think I’ve met Goose as well before, if you are who I think you are, you’re the fella I’ve seen pulling some nice wheelies on a private road on a blade (now with a busted tail light)

Ha ha this may well have been me … ;o)


Is this not in the wrong blog stew???



I’ve got the same bike,great little bike,can throw it around like a demon and sounds good too,always had big bikes,traded a ZX12 in for the Hornet.Enjoying it and doing plenty of miles on it

I didn’t just drop the school bike, I wheelied right off the back

I did that as well, but that was by accident…the clutch slipped and the front end just lifted, but i didn’t drop it