Newbie bike choice

Ok… so was all set on a new triumph daytona…rode 125’s years ago, really want to get back on bikes, so have test booked etc…

Am realising now a new 600 may not be the best choice for my first big bike, so was thinking of a CBR600, maybe 3yrs old.

My choice for thi sis also because Im 6’3 and 18st, and the bike is quite accommadating for tall riders.

can anyone suggest a good dealer, and also if my train of thought is the right one?

Cant wait to be on a bike again!!!


oooo no dont do it!!! get the triumph, i got it as ma first bike n i wasnt dissapointed, rode the cbr 600rr on track and didn’t get on with it, but hey thats jus my point of view :w00t:

I know On Yer Bike over the other side of Aylesbury have quite a healty stock of CBR600’s in at the moment and , due to the current climate I am sure they will be happy to sort a deal for you :wink:

Ask for Liam ( tell him Simon with the Black ZX10R sent you :cool: )

Good luck

Go for the triple mate! it was also my first bike, and I recently took a cbr-rr on track, nothing like the 675 in performance, torque and handling.

Go for it, you’ll LOVE IT!

here here

Im about the same height as you and I found the CBR pretty cramped for my long legs, didnt try a Triumph but found the GSXR & R6 accomodated me nicely probably more so the R6.

You won’t go far wrong with a CBR600-F IMO… from the description of your physique a 675 might be a tad cramped for you; same applies also to the CBR600RR, the “F” is a bit more relaxed in the riding position. Just my opinion like…

cheers of the replies…

oh **** it, im getting the 675…am in love with it!

see you all at borough market very soon…


good man, what dealer ya going to??

pop down on weds, you can have a look at mine and melda’s, by the way spend the extra 150 pounds or sumthing and get the 675 se. make mel jealous haha not to mention me as well :smiley:




briliiant, would love to sit on one and see how it feels cheers mate!

was thinking of carl rosner…after all the bad press on metroplis vauxhall am not going there!

where bouts u @, north city are amazin, they are in chigwell thats where i go.

thats is one nice bike…they were on 0% finance for a while see if you can still get that too…

Excellent choice :smiley: you won’t regret it!

erm, yes I’ll be very jealous indeed if you got the Limited edition, but for an extra £300, I’d go for it, in fact North city have a graphite SE in stock, which they tried to sell to me, it’s GORGEOUS :w00t:

Went to North City triumph with Curtis last sat, they were very nice and friendly, despite not having bought my bike from them, also, they only do triumph bikes, rather than everything else like Metropolis!

Another vote for North City here, I’ve bought bits & pieces from them before and they’ve been nothing short of superb. :smiley:

Don’t do it!

If you get a bike younger than 3 years old you will lose so much sleep worrying about getting it nicked;):w00t:

not this 3year old bikes dont get bnicked again!!?

It’s probably fair to say that Chunky likes this one and it’ll most likely run and run and… :Whistling:

Definitely go for the bike you really want. If you don’t, you’ll only be wishing you did (especially when you see Mel’s and Curtis’ bikes) What’s the point in having a bike you don’t really want to ride.

Go and take it for a test ride asap :cool:

Whilst I’m really pleased with my bike now and wouldn’t swap it for anything, it’s really not the best first bike. If I had got something a bit softer first like a Bandit or Fazer I’d have learnt a lot faster and been more confident. Out of the box my ZX6R is so chatty and flightly it’s pretty unnerving for a noobie, fantastic for a seasoned sports bike rider but a bit too much for a new rider.

Having been adjusted by B and with a few months experience it’s much better but I suspect I’d have done better initially with a different bike. It’s not the power, it’s the way the bike communicates and how it reacts and feels.

If I was starting over again I’d get a 4 or 5 year old Bandit/Fazer/Hornet and keep that for 6 months then maybe look at what else is available.