Newbie and in need of advice!

hello everyone!!!
well I’m new to this site and relatively new to the biker world…
iv booked my CBT for next week and read on here that a few people have failed it…
so that’s got my quite worried, can anyone give me any advice?
any tips?
ooo and i might need some help in buying a bike as its my first vehicle.
many thanks guys!!!
safe riding
P.S… i love how this community is family like and welcoming!! :smiley:

Hi and welcome aboard.
You can’t really fail a CBT, just relax and listen to the instructor.

Hi there and welcome to the forum!

As thingy says, CBT isn’t a test - it’s a compulsory training at a basic level. At worse, they’ll make you do it again, or recommend you employ a chauffeur if they find a rider to be sensory deficient in all five modalities :slight_smile:

i guess so… but the place im going to, they said if i had to come back i would have to pay for half the day (£70) :frowning:
so would it be advised to do a manual or automatic. (i want to ride manually in the long run)

thanks for the advice

What do you mean ‘manual or automatic’> :angry:

This is a biking forum. We all ride with manual gears (sequential).

If it was a scooter forum, then I guess gearless scooters would figure.

Manual gear riding is the way to go! Well, even if you had to come back (unlikely), it’s a small charge to pay for the future of your biking career. It’s more important to ‘get’ the essentials right, before rushing ahead. £35 for extra tuition is very little in the long run…

I guess you’re going to hire a little Honda 125cc or something similar from the CBT school then…

With regards to failing a CBT, as others have already said, you cant really fail it - they might just suggest you have some extra training, if this is needed then it is usual to pay for another half a day.

As for doing it on a manual or automaitc, the choice is really up to you. To certian extent i suppose it depends on what you want to get out of the day. I mean are you happy to do it on an automatic and either do a clutch conversion course to help you learn about clutch control etc, or you could teach yourself gears etc (like i did). Or would you prefer to start off on a geared bike, and get experience of gears from the off?

What do you mean ‘manual or automatic’> :angry:

This is a biking forum. We all ride with manual gears (sequential).

If it was a scooter forum, then I guess gearless scooters would figure.

Not everyone on here rides geared bikes, there are scooter riders among us too.

Yeah, it’s funny your telling him this isn’t a scooter forum, with a name like scooter assasin! I took it to mean you are an assasin with a scooter, not that you assasinate scooters! :smiley:

But to the question…


I am only 1 month or so ahead of you, I’m also new to this. I did my CBT on an automatic little moped and found it pretty easy. I would recommend doing it on an automatic, since you have never used a geared vehicle before (like me last month).

I “passed” on the moped, but was still legal to buy a geared 125cc bike, and I learnt how to use the gears in about 1 hour around quiet roads in my area.

I knew how to do the gears by asking people, using forums and watching youtube videos. If you are not confident to teach yourself, you can ask the CBT school for a gears course another day. I really don’t think it will be necessary though.

As for “failing”, I really don’t think you will have a problem. I was terrified of failing, but if you can ride a push bike, you can pass a CBT. You just need to show competency, not really skill. I put my foot down a couple of times learning to U-turn, but I kept trying till I had it perfect, and they were very patient with me.

It might seen hard, but I’m sure you will be fine; I was and I am in no way skilled at all!


What’s their postcode?! :cool:

!! An insult…worse than the first…! :smiley:

Alles kuhle…since you’re a newbie too, you can be forgiven :slight_smile:

Dont worry about it mate. You can’t really not go home with a CBT certificate unless you make a total hash of things which I’m sure you wont.

Just make isure ts confirmed that you can do your CBT on a geared 125 if thats what you’re after, or if you’re going Direct Access.

I booked my CBT in a place in North London online. When I turned up, I let them know I was intending to do DAS, so I assumed I’d be on a geared 125. There were 4 of us, and just as we were about to head out, they told us we were CBT’ing on 50cc scooters. I was like…“urrm I wanna do my DAS here, how about CBT’ing on a 125 geared?” The instructor was a tool and made out that we’d be here all day if someone who’d never ridden before got on a 125 geared…utter rubbish. And what’s worse, at the end of the day, they said before I could start my DAS with them, I had to do a 125 geared conversion day, which was another £100 odd!

Needless to say I didn’t come back. Got my training done in Milton Keynes, DAS, £699 from start to finish. And they didn’t even have scooters there. Everyone started on a geared 125, regardless of having any experience or not! (had one more 125 geared after my CBT, then it was the 500’s and noo turning back…I was hooked on biking)!

Welcome and good luck with whatever you choose :slight_smile:

First example would be Thingy (aka johnp) … has in his signature that he rides a Gilera Nexus 500 :wink:

Who did sorry? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :kiss:


Heya :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :smiley:

Welcome to LB

Definately learn on a geared bike. Once you have mastered that then you will be able to ride an auto, whereas if you learn on an auto then that will be all you can ride… Listen to what you are being told by the instructor and relax, it’s not life or death, well actually it is but don’t let that worry you :smiley:

Good luck.

Hello and welcome to LB:D

hey guys thanks for all your replies!!!
yeah I’ve decided to go for geared just so that i can learn how to do it… (place im doing it lets you hire cg125 for cbts)
i do have an idea on clutch control just not a lot… but soon enough ill get used to it and join you guys at the meets :smiley:
ill let you know how it goes next week

thanks again all