Newbie ALLERT !!!

Hello peoples, ive read the forum, visited the meeting place ( Borough Market ), and done the ride ( Sunday breakfast run ) , i know its not a qualification, but a few of you may now remember the fat guy on the ZZR1400 Moonshine :slight_smile:

My name is Richard, im Forty(cough) years of age :wink: For a living im a mini can driver, thou im fed up doing that atm, so am doing some odd days driving for a friends agency, which is less stressfull )
I ride my bike at every opotunity, in the last month ive clocked up 2500 miles, i have a few friends that i ride with, but mostly go out on my own, sounds a bit, Billy no mates, but im just addicted to riding.

Ive been riding bikes for about 20 years on and off, im now single/divorced, so theres no holding me back, Im reliving my teens, and enjoying being able to do what i want. Its great, but i wouldnt recomend it, its not allways so good, and has its downsides ) Ive got a sinkfull of dirty dishes, and a pile of ironing :slight_smile: P

Looking forward to meeting you all, will try and make a few more visits to BM in the next month.

Take care all, safe riding )

hi and welcome

welcome :slight_smile:

Hello and Welcome:)

Whats wrong with being Fat n Forty?:wink:

At least being single now you can keep your bike in the living room…lol;):smiley:

Hi and welcome aboard.


Welcome aboard - there’s a newbie night at the Ace on the 1st Oct of you fancy that.

Rikster… Hello and welcome to LB… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice intro :slight_smile: You have my second choice of bike too :smiley:

Thanks for the heads up Marklid, hoping to make it there Oct 1st )

Think I may have spoken to you at Borough…Welcome dude :slight_smile:




welcome mate!or shall i be really welcoming anyone as i’ve only just signed up yesterday myself ?:w00t:welcome! :smiley: