Newbie alert

Hey guys and gals

Just joined up, wanted to say hi. I’ve read the forums a few times before, know a few faces already…apart from the awful news from friday night, hope all is well in the londonbiker world.

Maybe see you out and about some time.


hello, good evening ninjagirl and a warm welcome to the site.

hope to meet you sometime.

Hello and welcome. I wonder what site you frequent lol? Good to have you onboard.

Hi howdy ciao.

A ninja fan? Good taste.

Mebbe catch up as you say? That your cat in the picture (fnarr)?

A ninja rider, so yes, a big fan

got a Blue B1…

not my cat no lol


Welcome to the site ninjagirl see you at the ace sometime



welcome to LB forum, yep sad news on Friday, be vigilant and cool.


Welcome aboard! Wise choice of bike

Hello! Welcome to LB Emma. Post up a picture of your bike in the pictures gallery!

Hey! Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! As Jay said get some pix up in the gallery…


Hi there Ninjagirl… Welcome to LB… Hopefully see you out there sometime!!! Stay safe…

Thanks for the welcome guys and gals think i saw some of you at the Killspills Rally - was marshalling there, recognise some of the bikes in the pics in your gallery.

Numpty question - but which gallery do we post bike pics in?


This one…

Cool - tis done

And dammed sweet too! That’s the second lovely blue 6R I’ve drooled over recently. I had a thing (?) for the ol’blue 9Rs - c model I think - and shave my head and call me Kojak if the big K hasn’t gone and got me going again.

Wotcha Ems

Welcome, enjoy the site

Hello Emms dont I know you from some where