Newbie Alert

Hi. I been lurking in the background for a while now and thought I have to say helo. Credit card is behind the bar. I can be found bimbling around on my katooms in the sw london area and do enjoy getting muddy over the weekends. I have already met Dhofty on one of our excursions and me and Tats have got a secret love affair going:blush: And this is where all my hard earned cash is being spend. My daily hack:D 08 690SMC. Full Ti Acro

Weekend Toy:cool: 06 450SMR Beringer Brake Setup - Full Ti Acro System - Lots of other bling (Sorry I don’t have any photos of it in a clean state)

welcome mate:) i love the look of the 450smr:cool::cool: 690smc is cool to:)

can i not go anywhere:P oh and he cant jump for fudge:w00t: lol

welcome to here! :slight_smile:

[quote] (22/06/2009)

can i not go anywhere:P oh and he cant jump for fudge:w00t: lolOi… That is a low blow. I don’t know what you talking about? jumping??? That was a no footer stoppie.:slight_smile: Only the truly skilled will do one on garvel. No jumping involved.

heinb (22/06/2009)

ah it was planned i see? lol suppose ya sqwelchy pants were planned too? pmsl twas the funniest thing ive seen in ages, thanks dude:D

Hello heinb, nice bikes :slight_smile:

We have met on ride round Guildford lanes :cool: