Newbie... 2007 R1 | London

Hi everyone,

Just popped in to say hello… have seen some of you down the Ace on a Friday… hello to Sean in particular who sold me my shiny new bike… it’s a 2007 R1 with a few mods

Check my sig for the modifications… here she is -



The weather was a bit crap for the second pic, so not looking too hot… She looks gorgeous when the sun is out! Can someone please sort out the weather for Friday???

Cheers guys,


Lovely bike! Welcome to LB

Thanks SheWoolf, glad to be here.

Purrrrrr, very nice bike!

I remember seeing that beauty at the Ace.

Hey, welcome to LB!!

Nice bike!!

Love it…May aswell get the customisation done from day one if you got the cash.

How did the price of your R1 with mods compare to the Ducati 1098S if you know?

Welcome aboard.

Hey, welcome to LB

Hi and welcome aboard.

hey everyone, thanks for the warm welcome!

RE: How the price compares to a Ducati 1098S, I know this very well as I was originally going to buy a 1098S… I even had a deposit down for one!

The R1 with all the mods came to more than a 1098S with 70mm Termi exhaust… if you added carbon parts to the Duke, it would be more expensive. I test rode the Ducati, and wasn’t happy with it… having just had an R6, and hankering after an R1 for years, it was the only other bike I was interested in… and to get all the mods done for not too much more than I was originally planning to spend on the Duke was a no brainer… especially as I got the Mag wheels rather than the alloys that come on the 1098S. Also, I believe that the Ohlins units are a better spec than the OEM Ducati ones, though I could be wrong. Plus, I prefer OEM Yamaha brakes to the Brembo units, though the brembos do look sick!

welcome fella. made it across from the r1-forum then

looking forward to seeing the ride up close - like the wheels a lot, been toying with the idea myself.

ace this fri?

hey hey

yeah, I’ll be there on Friday… you’re welcome to peruse the wheels at your leisure… they make a huge difference to the handling, and i’d recommend them to anyone!

Doesn’t R1-Forum have the best emoticons???

haha yeah, afroR1 and I have been known to nick them from time to time. love the popcorn one …

cool, should be up there on fri if my battery holds. have had no end of fun getting the bugger working today after getting back from hols. bike was in storage in a safe place and had utterly killed the battery. couldn’t even coax enough life into it to fire up the fuel pump with an hour or two on the optimate! RAC guy seems to think its had it, but he jump started me and I headed out for a long dull ride on the north circ. might have done the trick…

Ello dude and welcome to LB. lovely colour bike you have there.

good old north circ eh? goes just by my home too.

Justine - Thanks… I love the colour too, but I’ve realised that it looks so much better when the sun is out, as you can see in the difference between the two pictures!

So, who else is coming to the Ace on friday???

hiya big welcome to the site hope to get to meet up at the ace

I may descend upon the place tomorrow…

Since my bike is looking a little worse for wear, been thinking of turning my R1 into an Enduro special…Have you heard of a Japanese company called Clever Wolf?

I like their stuff…Custom blue colour for me though…Would have to get them to swop the light from one side to the other though.

Welcome to LB Aymoon!

Off the hook, totally. Looks like someones got a shed-load of money to burn…

HAD a shed-load!!!

yeah, come down if you can… have you seen the marchesinis in blue? purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr