Newbi From Kent Intro

Just to say hello

Looks like a very active site from 1st visitations.

Hope i can add some wealth at some time.

:)Knees in the breeze:P

Hi there and welcome. :smiley:

Welcome to LB . Whereabouts in Kent? The Bexley/Bromley bit? Or proper Kent? I’m in Gillingham.

welcome mate

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hiya! Welcome! :w00t:

hello and welcome.

where in kent are you? i’m just outside maidstone.


welcome to lb

cool another “kentish biker”:smiley: hi and welcome

welcome to lb

hello and welcome

Hi John

I was going to be your Observer with the KAMG until your untimely incident

Trust your getting it together sir.

Knees in the breeze
Dave P:unsure:

Souf of the river in Tonbridge sir.

Knees in the breeze:)

A-ha, welcome to the site Dave, thanks for the x-mas card - things are ok, just taking time to sort things out. I’m hoping Wendy will relent and let me have another bike so you might yet be my observer:)