Newb to despatch riding,

Hello my name is Danie.

I am a newbie to LB so let me tell you a bit about what I am up to.

I have been riding since 2005 and in June this year I booked my test on the 125. Passed with ease and have now been thinking what I can do next.

I have been out of work for the best part of this year hence why I did not do my DAS, also why buying my dream bike is out of the equation. Therefore I had better get a job.

Unfortunately iam neither a jack nor a master at anything so I would like to gain a skill or trade, which if I am ever out of work in the future I can go back and get some cash.

This is part of the reason why I made the decision to become a courier. The other is mainly because I love being on the road and on the bike.

Anyhow I start on Monday, am nervous as hell and for those interested I will keep you posted as to how I get on.

Hope to make new friends and contacts not just to do with the job. constructive advice is welcome.

Thanks for reading. :smiley:

Welcome to LB :cool:

Good luck for Monday :wink:

hey dan!

you made it then!:smiley: welome to LB girl!

Hi Welcome to LB!

Be really interested to know how it goes getting into the courier world. Good luck on Monday. :cool:

Hi. I shall also wish you luck in the courier career, had a go myself many years ago. Keep hearing stories of how poorly paid it is now :w00t:. Perhaps while you are doing the courier work you could get an evening course at a college for a trade, something to fall back on should the need arise.

Welcome and best of luck with the courier work :slight_smile:

As been said above Mate good luck with it.

Welcome to LB. Good luck

Welcome to LB. :slight_smile:

Good luck in the new Job :smiley:

Hello and welcome:)

All the best with the despatching:cool:

:slight_smile: Well thank you one and all, have a drink on me!

I shall keep people posted with how it goes; I think I will keep an on-line diary here on LB so keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested.

Great idea, look forward to seeing it:)

Hi and welcome aboard.

Well guys not long now.

And for those who are interested i have started a diary on the bike talk page, so check it out and follow my journey so to speak.

Catch you soon.

remember the first rule out there, be safe! making money is not worth getting yourself hurt so take it easy out there ok :smiley:

Welcome to the Madhouse :wink:

Welcome to LB