:cool: I have just joined and the club looks great, must get to the Ace Cafe as it will take me back in time. I remember going from the Busy Bee to the Ace on many occasions in the 60s. In those days I had a 600cc Matchless with four meggers so it looked like a four, now I ride a 650 Honda FMX and its great fun for a 66 year old. In my brain I still feel 20 something and when I am on the bike you would not know how young I feel. Hope to get to the Ace soon. Ron

welcome m8.

Wot club?

welcome Ronaldo


Hi and welcome aboard.

welcome Ron! good on ya for the fmx!:slight_smile:

ello mate and welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome along