New ZZR1400 hits 300kph ...

Want one, but only for going in straight lines I remember the ZZR 1300 handling like an oil tanker.

The 14 is a bit of a fugly bike IMO, but under its body-work, it’s basically the same as the 12R … which definitely doesn’t handle like an oil tanker … in fact it’s a beautifully behaved machine as long as you respect the throttle!!

I think the bike looks stunning from the front.

I like the bike! You are right there Terry, the front is very nice … the rear could be better

Too true. I wouldnt mind having a go! The new 636 was fast enough imagine what thats like when you pin the throttle!

But, do you like the George Foreman Grills on the sides? lol

I like it, and the video! I would love one, and a Diplomatic plate as well, to go and play with. Just imagine!!? Lighten it up, tune it up, it’d be one hell of a monster.

I’d like to shoe-horn the motor into my bike!!

Sheesh !

I’m getting a rush just watching it…

Wonder if they are going to bring it out in yellow