New ZX10R

I actually prefered the underseat exhaust!!

But it does look gorgeous… I want it!!!

PMSL :smiley: :laugh: :smiley: :hehe: :w00t: COMEDY EXHAUST!

Rest of the bike looks good though.

Borrowed from Visordown

PROBABLY the most anticipated bike of 2008; the Kawasaki ZX-10R.

The biggest visual change for this bike is the switch back to a single, side-mounted exhaust. Proof that manufacturers do listen to consumer feedback and perhaps the end of marketing-led ‘mass centralisation’?

It certainly looks the part, I’d have one on looks alone over the new 2008 Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade.

Back to the iconic and mean ZX-10R of 2004.

Much better


That’s looking really nice, just needs to be in black :cool:

That’s more like it. Definitely needs to be black though.

There should be a black one…Nice :smiley:

Philistines ;):slight_smile: Black and green is the way forward, emphasises the lines of the bike :stuck_out_tongue: Put the exhaust back under the seat and make them only in green !

Then watch as Kawasaki sales of the bike nose dive just like the ZX9R :wink:

Already in process of ordering one through On Yer Bike - but gotta be black tho ':wink:

They reckon it is supposed to be much better than my '07 :cool:

Just needs a Racefit Growler and everyone’s a winner :w00t:

only shot i have found so far of the nose