New ZX10R

I like it…Back to the original look

Stolen from Visordown…

TWO magazine has uncovered a pic of the latest Kawasaki ZX-10R.

TWO say: “The ZX-10R is back to its aggressive best. Gone are the horrible underseat pipes, replaced by a single side mounted pipe with under-engine collector box. The look mimics the new ZX-6R and comes with aggressive shark like cut outs on the fairing. Welcome back Mr Nasty!”

Okay…Why you laughing…Have I done sommink dumb (again).

Looks fine to me, appears probably as you intended, in all it’s green-ness and Kawasaki glory What a good looking bike

Who wuld buy an R1/Blade or Gixxer now ?

I think it’s because Slarty has the new 6 which does look rather nice and I got to sit on it at the weekend

Me too, even if it is ‘ard’ as nails.

I personally prefer the underseat exhausts

looks fantastic and looks better without the underseat exhausts

If it looks that good in green, it’ll look stunning in black!!

I’m with Andy, I think the underseat exhausts look better.

Nah…Better with side mount exhaust.

oooh, I’m liking that But of course, it would look better in black

Its a Photoshop, lets hope it looks better than that when official pics are launched

Looks very nice!

better without the underseat exhausts.

Yep, been on Ninja forum for a few days - you can clearly see it’s the 07 bike with exhausts rubbed out - note the shape of the rear seat unit, cutaways for exhausts, and they’ve left in the the shrouds where the 2006/2007 pipes go up under the seat.

Usual phototshopped image produced by magazine for World Exclusive - not

Side mount have so many advantages …

Less weight
Lower centre of gravity
Shorter distance for exhaust gases to travel
No cooking your arse on hot days
No loss of under seat storage
Rear shock doesn’t get “cooked” by exhaust
Better looking rear light (usually)
Rear tyre looks more exposed from behind

What a lot of sensationalist BS!
…same with the ‘08’ Fireblade, there are loads of imaginary images around…I even saw one done in crayon

That’ll probably be the most accurate image!!

ooooh you biyatch

Yeah, but side mounted exhausts are so expensive to replace when you chuck it up the road…

underseat exhausts clean up the bike beautifully, and your getting this from a man with bikes with mostly 3 or 4 exhausts on his bikes, I used to love loads of chrome exhaust to clean, not anymore, even though I still have loads of them…hide the exhaust under the bike somewhere, so we can only see a little hole coming out doth sides of the belly pan or something, then give us back a lot of useful space under the seat and for heavens sake not stuck out the side,yuck or what…