New Zero has got some poke


Zero SR/F specs

  • 200-mile range potential
  • One-hour charge to 95%
  • Develops 110bhp / 140lbft
  • Two models available in May
  • Weight is 226kg
  • £19,990 / £17,990 (minus £1500 grant)



I thought the electric vehicle grant had been stopped?

The old Zero had a range possible of 150 in Lab conditions I expect, but when I test rode it only got 95 out of it on a mix town and motorway on a fairly cold day and that was with the extra charge pack on it which took the price to over £16K

Would rather get the New Norton superlight for that Money, or any cheaper 600 and even with the fuel you’d still be better off

Looks mean though


The 95% one hour charge looks promising.


No vehicles achieve the claimed manufacturer mileage, so it shouldn’t really be a surprise it won’t do 200 miles. That said, I saw figures that seemed much more realistic on the following article:

I gotta say, it looks pretty damn impressive. The price, whilst expensive, doesn’t seem outrageous when compared to other premium bikes.

I could very well be tempted when the KTM finance is up. We’ve already got an EV charger at home so it would fit right in!


Chipping Norton is 78 miles from my gaff. If I could find a charging point beside the café, that’d be my Sunday fun sorted :slight_smile:

Actually on second thoughts, at some of the speeds the CNBRs have been run at, it would probably struggle to make 78 miles.


Its not too far away from cafe …
PodPoint Charging Station
High Street, Charlbury, Chipping Norton OX7 5AB
020 7247 4114


Sure does look good.