New Z1

Hmm I’m not sure, some bits look good, but some bits look very ER6


oooooooooooooooh I like that a lot!

Man not fair I want one!

Namely that Dustbin of a Can !!!

There’s an awful lot of Cagiva Raptor on there too by the looks of it.

mmmmmmm end can is a bit rubbish but then so is the standard gixer! Would look wicked with a racefit on it!

That’s seriously cool, I like it! I love the detail parts, i.e. engine covers, calipers, frame and engine facias, fork bottoms, exhaust… Yeah, that’s one very cool bike!

Now dont be buying one before I get to mister cause I shall not be happy

i like that too

can has to go and best part - its in orange!!!

Looks like a lot of expensive plastic if you drop it.

My god what have they done to it???

It looks awful…so much for the rumours that it was gonna get the ZX10 engine

I think I’ll stick with the current Zed, I think it looks alot better!

I’m with Jay on this one, all the details really make this bike.

I’d 'ave one.


Only the can and the fact that its lost some of its hardness lets this bike down but it still a hot looing ride.

Very nice but ill pass!

That’s got to be the fugliest exhaust ever seen on a bike

Other than that it looks pretty cool, would look a lot better with the multi-spoked wheels off the ZX-10R/Z750 though.

Not long to go until the bike show !

When is the bike show?

We have some high-res shots of this biking coming up soon…

27th Oct - 5th Nov

Thank you, just wanted to know if ill be able to ride up there