Folks, me and the missus are off the NYC for a few days in NOVEMBER,
can anybody reccomend a good value place to stay, must be pretty central and clean, dontwant to spend loads on accom but at the moment i am stumped,
i want to buy an aftermarket zorst for the blade i reckon they will be a load cheaper there, anybody know af any decent bike shop in around the city (NYC)
heres hoping Jim.

No such thing as good value, cheap and clean in NYC! I have been visiting NYC for the past 20 years and I have stayed at many disappointing hotels!

My favorite is Hotel Avalon (independently run) around £200 per night including breakfast. This hotel is in mid town. Don’t be be tempted to stay outside Manhattan as you’ll spend your time travelling on the subway!

Avoid the Holiday Inn, the pictures look great, but rooms are poor value for money.

You could try this link for motorcycle shops.

I normally stay in the Millennium UN Plaza Hotel but as said before, nothing is cheap or that nice unless you pay reasonable money for it. I usually pay between 100-200 pounds per night B&B depending on when you book.

As for bike bits… sadly there isn’t much in the way of bike shops in central Manhattan. There is a Harley shop: (which does Furygan stuff) and the others are mainly Chop shops and scoots.

Here is the search result on google:

I would very much recommend La Quinta Inn Manhattan having stayed there a couple of times.

It’s not the biggest hotel in town but it is very clean, comfy and reasonably priced considering it’s only 2 minutes walk from The Empire State Building.

It’s got a nice Skyline bar up on the roof too, with an amazing view at night.:slight_smile:

Some good comments up on here…

NYC isnt cheap…unless you go in the height of winter when its Arctic.

There is a chain called the “club quarters” hotels that are business hotels that my company use occastionally. I’d reccomend them as they are cheaper than usual and offer business services (free wi-fi and the likes)…you might need to be a member to book and if you do get asked, drop me a PM and I’ll give you the log on for it…although I think you can use expedia to work it out…

I’d recommend using to look at reviews of hotels, I find this a good site, take some reviews with a pinch of salt and look at how often they post on the site to get a feel for whether they are seasoned travellers or not! :slight_smile:

In terms of getting kit in the US… I’d recommend buying it over the net and getting it sent to your hotel. There are a huge number of US companies (competition accessories - google it, is a big company out in the states) but if you want I’ll have a look through this months “sport rider” and put some links to the companies that are advertising on there…most will offer next day delivery or 3 day delivery and just tell your hotel you are expecting a parcel…

thats my tuppence!! :slight_smile:

thanks for the offer i will have a look tommorrow, i didnt realise how expensive the place was to stay in, flights were cheap though

I was here:

good price, central and clean… nothing luxurious


wicked thanks, so many to choose from .

I stayed at the Park Central hotel - was very reasonable when me & 4 mates stayed, the concierge arranged trips for us, tickets to a Nicks game & a limo back to the airport :cool:

I stayed here in February fairly central to everything.

But my mate paid less and stayed at the Radisson for less that me. I think he booked it through

You could ask on an American m/c forum? Google maps isn’t terribly helpful - there’s a Honda dealer in Brooklyn, accessory and parts stores scattered about the wider state.

As for hotels, there’s nowt cheap that’s clean. You could stay in Jersey and commute in - it’s not too bad, I’ve done it before. How long are you staying there?

We went 5 years ago and stayed at the Comfort Inn Manhattan, minutes from the Empire State Building, It was cheap, included breakfast, yet was clean, well managed, and well kept. We had a fab time, we went for St Patricks Day, went to the parade even though it snowed, and then hit Coyote Uglys!

Great memories!

We stayed here, internet rates are the best. This is right in Times Square.

Good luck on the Hotels :wink: they are all pricey, but as has been said, its better to be intown rather than comute, its also likely to coooooold ! so wrap up :slight_smile: if you get a chance this is a great place to eat and listen to music