New years resolutions!

Well mine i think will have to be give up men,wine bikes etc…

Oh well there’s another one that’ll never last! LOL

mine will have to be, err… do more bad things, get drink more and sleep with as many dirty girls that will have me

this year i’m gona stick to it

get out of debt

which I could do if I sell my bike… boo hoo the pain

Must work as many saturdays as i can. Half day = full pay, full day = 2 days wage…

Mustttttt saveeeee forrrrrr roadddddd bikeeeee

MINE…Get that GIXER THOU K5!!!

Consolidation, its the only way trust me & cheaper!

Oh, no, don’t do that, Steve! Your bike’s gorgeous! What if all us girls (and Kevin?) were to pay you to be a male escort?

My resolutions are to get fit, lose weight and learn to ride a geared bike (beyond first gear, that is…), so I can put my licence to the use they gave it to me for.

Fair play,do what makes you happy & all those lovely girls!

Not gonna make any this year except to try not to upset the wife.


Ermmmmmm… pay Steve to be my male escort :S… I think I’ll pass on that one. Gay men are attracted to me, not the other way round!

My resolution will be not to make a resolution because I won’t stick to it anyway

No wonder gay men are attracted to you, Kevin: you’re gorgeous!

Ooooooo errrrr mrs

Sounds good Lee, will have to copy you on that one.

My new year resolution is gonna be… Errrrrrrrrrr pay off my bike so i can get a nice car for my wife, i want, errrrrrrr i mean she want’s a subaru impreza wrx, gotta be blue with the gold wheels then get myself a DRZ for some off road fun.

Love the DRZ bellow, with spare off road wheels for the green lane fun





Mine is to get either the S4RS or 999. Can’t decide

Mine is to buy that KTM LC4 I have always promised myself, think it would look nice parked up next to my K5 thou, and hopefully save my license…but probably not !!


Definitely not parking next to you at the Ace no more (see crash “What a day…” post)

Now, what was the question?

Oh, NY Resolutions.

It’s all cobblers, let’s face it. Bah Humbug.

But I suppose:

  1. Try and stay away from all the dirty girls throwing themselves at me in Amersham. Lee might have been there first…
  2. Try and keep my ar5e puckered as pay day for the 675 comes around.
  3. Try not to hate 7 after my first ride on said 675.
  4. Try for Rospa Award then head for riding instructor qualification.

I think I’ll change mine to not dropping the bike

Ah bless! LOL

Errr methinks Ill keep mine simple…get a bike !!! Something nice and shiny, and completely tempremental, allergic to water too…you know Italian/American thingy

I could do the boring thing (Jay ) but Id never find it in the car park