New Years Resolutions

Anyone tempting fate by doing some NY resolutions?

I am on hour 10 of no smoking, but only lasted 9hrs no drinking lol

Yes, I wish people fucking stop making them :smiley:

lol @silveR6  my resolution this year is to not make any simples…

@The Sleeper beat me to it…

I’m gonna give up smoking.  Oh look, I’ve done it.  That was simple.  Unless there was a prerequisite to be an addictive smoker beforehand.

None for me, I’m with silveR6 why make them only to break them in a few days time!

Stop falling off my bike

the no smoking thing is on my list

Join (or update your details on) the Organ Donation Register

This is so important there is a separate thread going on about it.    Do it!!

(And this is a resolution that doesn’t get broken after a few days)

+1 to yourebarred

IAM for me this year as I want to become a SERV volunteer and it is a prerequisite.

my resolution, just like the last 5 years is not to have a resolution

CBR500R- so you’ve messed that up instantly?