New years resolution - Martial arts???

If any of you are intending to make a new years resolution that involves fitness training, have you considered trying martial arts?

I have been teaching taekwondo in north London for 22 years, the last 15 of which professionally. I run classes in two venues, Wood Green N22, and Edmonton N9. I’m just about to launch a very special offer: Join to start your training in January, and I’ll give you February’s training for FREE!

The USP with my Academy is that I can get people to black belt standard (i.e. ready take their black belt grading) in only 27 months. Details are available on each schools website, but here’s the basic information for you:

Wood Green N22
Mondays & Wednesday
Joining Fee £75 - Gets you a uniform, and your first calendar month of training.
Monthly Training Fee - £55
45 minutes classes, grading every 3 months, can get you ready to take your black belt in 27 months

Edmonton N9
Tuesdays & Thursdays
Joining Fee £100 - Gets you a uniform, and your first calendar month of training.
Monthly Training Fee - £65
1 hour classes, grading every 2 months, can get you ready to take your black belt in 24 months

I’m trying to restart the adult Edmonton classes, so need 10 people enrolled for that to happen. The Wood Green adult classes are already running. Children’s classes are running beforehand at both venues.

The classes are very friendly and safe. If you wish to come down and watch a class, feel free to contact me directly between 10am and 10pm, phone numbers are on the websites (I won’t put my phone numbers up on a public forum though).

Finally, for each London Biker that joins, I will give £10.00 to . I agreed this with Andrew H last year, but his email address is not working at present. Can the owner of LB please let me have their email address so I can guarantee this payment to you directly?

Aceman - (aka Master Martin Ace)

I used to be at southgate with nick symonds when i was a teenager, i might consider it!

Hmm do you mean give the money to London bikers as in Jay and co or to londonbikers most popular charity London Air Ambulance . ?

I used to do fujian white crane kung fu at tottenham court rd… And kinda do want to get back into martial arts… Hmmm…

@skumlordvince - Looking forward to hearing from you.

@TimR - LondonBikers boss dude, who I beleive is Jay again. What ever he wants to do with it is up to him.

@mole - Well you’re not too far away from either venue. Call me.

i’m down to start january, am i cool to wear my TKD shoes, i have a past injury id like to avoid opening up again (theyre clean and white)

hi aceman. what style of TKD do you teach? are you affiliated to governing body for TKD?

@skumlordvince - Yes, I’m happy with martial arts trainers.

@suzukikev - WTF, that’s the World Taekwondo Federation, not what the “fug” for those who are not into chop socky that are reading this, ha ha. Not any more. I’ve been teaching 22 years, and have been asked by three of the biggest clubs in the country to grade (examine) their own students for black belt gratings. I am part of EWEST Taekwondo Association, have been since 1987.

Capital A for Aceman please :grinning:

As an alternative NY resolution - anyone please let me know if you resolve to have any rooms in your home decorated :slight_smile:

@Jetstream - Oi Chris, NO! Start your own thread, don’t hijack mine.

I now have only 3 places available in the Edmonton childrens class.

Lot’s of space in the adults classes at both Edmonton and Wood Green, and the children’s class in Wood Green.

Special Offer ends soon - Join this month and get February’s training for free.

Do you also provide lessons to 5 year olds?

Do you also provide lessons to 5 year olds? CBR500R commuter
Sorry for the late reply.  Yes, from March, I'm intending to run classes in Edmonton for younger children, aged 5 to 8 years of age.