New Year Resolutions...

Time to stick down your resolutions. No matter what they are, they need to be smart to be achieved!

S: Specific - What exactly do you want to do

M: Measurable - How will you know you have achieved it? loose weight…but how much!

A: Achievable - eg. ride every track in the world in 2011! not gonna happen!

R: Realistic - Does your daily life have the flexibility to help you achieve your goal! eg. Watch a home game at every London club in 2011…sounds better!

T: Time - When are you going to achieve by???

Good Luck! :D:D

i dont need any i have decided, cant see anywhere i can improve on my perfectness :w00t::w00t:

Mines to knuckle down with night school and get a B at least and get into uni :slight_smile:

I have to this year:-

1:- Lose weight
2:- stop being a grumpy old git.

My New Year’s resolution is not to make any resolutions.Just DO things instead of keeping promising to myself that I will.

+1 on that, but i know it wont happen, (not all my fault though!!!)

-Learn how to wheelie (tips?)
-Don’t crash/fall off (so probably don’t learn to wheelie)

learn to be a cager

Me too!!:w00t:;):hehe:

well then hang out with me and i’ll get you locked up :smiley: or at very least searched by the police :smiley:

good luck with that though :slight_smile: