New year resolutions??

Anyone Got Any??

Mine is to save up for a new motorbike for June 2009!! Ideally a Yamaha R6 :smiley:

new every think for me i thinks a fresh start:D

defo fresh start, and stay upright :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Try And sell two of my bikes so i can buy a supermoto:D

I’ve learnt so much from my mistakes in 2008, I’m planning a load more for 2009.:slight_smile:

So no more backing women & riding horses.

Try to avoid any kind of physical contact with cagers, tarmac, street furniture, lorries, pedestrians, hospitals at all costs. . .

Ride Harder…Faster…Learn more…ie get my ass on track!!!:D:D:D:cool:

Get on a track and try MotoX.

Less drinking/hangovers and with the money I save do more trackdays :slight_smile:

do a trackday, more rideouts with great people from Lb and a couple of trips abroad :D:D

Test Ride the Ducati Streetfighter when it comes here in the Spring against the MV Agusta Brutale . . . that’s the best idea I’ve had in a looooooooooong time!

+1 Amen

Avoid tunnels on the A2…

Go back to work…

oh oh oh can i come:D

good on ya m8 that sounds like the smartest idea for 2009:cool: also know of one going for sale very soon;)

mine will be to do better wheelies and Stoppies, try to stay off ebay buying bling for my bike and most of all is to do more track days for 2009:D

one of mine is to go faster round brands,hatch indy than i did this year:)

you know it makes sense, supermotos are the future:D

mine is too not work silly hours this year and try and learn to relax a bit more. :w00t:

get rid of “the better” :slight_smile:

To get out on my bike alot more than i have been this year … :slight_smile:

To loose weight as i`m slowly getting as big as chuncky.