New year, needs a new CBT?

My CBT is up mid-February and with my accident putting me back, should I just find the cheapest place to renew it, even if hopefully only for a month or so, or is there a better option?

Unfortunately the first year was of it was wasted, mostly instead spent adjusting to arthritis, diabetes, some lung disease (which should now be clear) and their meds.  Only managed 425 miles in total.  Since this February, though, I was out every weekend and having a lot of fun until shattering my elbow.  Two years would have been more than enough otherwise.

I was intending to spend the rest of the year working on the areas where I struggle, then go for training in the new year.  I am not sure those areas would even be an issue with tests, but the accident left me a bit too cautious on corners so now need some time to fully rebuild my confidence on them before considering training.  Besides, with recovery and other medical stuff the last few months I had not even thought about the theory test, never mind picking a school, although finally booked that now.  My fault for leaving it all so late.

Hi Michael,

I can recommend as the director there, Chris, was the only good instrutor when an ex-girlfriend was learning to ride with another company about 10 years ago.  I sat in on two of her debriefs, and remember thinking that his manner was so good, that I could have let him run my martial art club, even though he didn’t do martial arts.  Unfortunately, she only had Chris for the first day of her training, and the rest were awful.  Chris now run Standium Training, next to the Ikea store in sunny Edmonton.

I would suggest that you get on to a full course asap, rather than waste time and money doing another CBT, and further delaying getting a full licence.

Thanks, Aceman.  First theory date was for mid-January so I might be able to get my mojo back by then if the weather is kind.  Should not take too long, I think, but not wanting to force things.  So even if I feel ready in time it may be too late to find someone decent and available by then.  Annoying thing is I felt pretty confident before the accident so should have just done it then instead of holding off.

Edmonton might be a bit far, I am in Streatham, though willing to travel if worth it so will bear them in mind.

As you’re in Saint Reatham, it would probably not be worth the journey.  There must be good quality training schools near you.  The further you travel, the quicker you are likely to feel tired during the day.

Pheonix … pm stuart fordyce.
I personally know Wynne there and heard good things
If you think you can get test ready and passed before cbt ends go for it …otherwise give yoursrlf that breathing space so not rushing and take cbt and then practice more leisurable

I put myself under a bit of pressure to do my licence before my CBT ran out. Had a bit more time than you but managed it, just!

If I only had a month and a bit like you, I think I might have left it and done the CBT then booked the DAS.

I found that pressure brought the best out in me. I knew that if I didn’t book my mod 1 and 2 on the same day I would have to wait till the following year to get my liscence done. What can I say? it worked, but maybe I was just lucky.

There’s no such thing as luck.

Michael don’t go rushing things, best to take your time find a good local school I think I’m to far for you if not I renew cbts for free as part of your DAS course let’s face it you have done it once before its no sweat and saves you about £100 as well.


Michael - I’ve just looked at dave1400gsx’s site, and I reckon you should give him a call. You’ve nothing to lose, and he’s a lot closer to you than my recommendation in Edmonton.

Since the site revamp iv not been able to recover my old account on here but I’m sure you can find all you need to know, cheers axeman

Definitely I am not going to rush or force anything, I have been very lucky after my accident but do not want another!  Besides, gradual works best for me.  When I go out just to ride I still feel I am only riding around the block, like I did starting out on neighbouring streets.  Only my block has expanded from streets to boroughs to counties.  It would be great if in the end I can do it all in time, but want to be prepared for otherwise.

Dave, I remember you being recommended on here before so definitely not too far to go for somewhere good, and as Aceman says much nearer than Edmonton.  I think the closest options are  Motag Crystal Palace or Advantage Wimbledon (who seem to have mixed reviews), but after that it is out to Bromley, Croydon, Sutton etc. so yourself or TimR’s recommendation of Phoenix seem to be as good a choices as any.

And you can do no better at finding the cheapest place to do a CBT than being able to include it with training!  Hopefully the winds will drop as with just little weekend rides it is easy to do 1,000 miles in six weeks, which should be enough time. But will see how things stand after the theory test in a few weeks as I cannot do anything until then anyway.


Motag have just gone into administration apparently. At Phoenix we do have vouchers on Groupon and Wowcher, so I thinl they’re about £60 if there are any left. If you redo your CBT, if you are riding now, you should breeze through. That buys you another two years to build up your fitness and confidence for big bike.

No probs Michael if you want to do just the CBT 1st then come back for DAS later I just knock the cost off the das course so you still get it at the packaged price and still get my free mod1 retest offer I give to all my students if you need it.

That is a shame about Motag. I originally joined this site when having problems early on and one of their instructors gave me a free lesson which made a huge difference. So I guess that reduces the shortlist to just you two!  Started the year off with a trip to Brighton this morning though, it left a lot to be desired but nothing went wrong and I got to see the sea.