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New work-ready electric motorcycles from CAKE are perfect for deliveries, handymen

Something for you @HBG?

makes carrying all that equipment… a piece… of…

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Uh oh, this might get moved to the puns thread.

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Looks promising, but the proof is in the pudding

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Like that. Good to get your bike and tools together so that the thieves can get the lot all in one go!

I don’t think riding along with your Festool chop saw on display will make for a long term ownership prospect, having had my van smashed open and my chained up saw taken along with god knows what else.

Clearly you’d need to be able to take the bike on to site and keep it in sight all the time. Using the bike battery as a power source could be useful…so long as you could still get home.

What it needs is a covered trailer capable of carrying a dozen lengths of skirting and ten bags of cement.

Despite not being an early adopter, I can see an electric bike in my future. I love cycling and am happy to do all the work for now, but when I’m old and grey…greyer…and I can’t keep up any more, I’ll get one. Would probably have to look a bit like those doped Tour de France bikes…


Just chuck a tarp over the back it will be fine.