New wheels :)

Hey all,Just wanted to show a couple pics of the new beast I’m picking up tomorrow! Hope to join you on a ride-out very very soon…

It is an 08 plate Triumph Sprint ST 1050 with 5400mi in it. I’m part exchanging the “grandpa” bike (Deauville 700) and putting a fair amount of dough in as well, but I definitely love the look and the seating position.

I have upgraded the seat to the factory gel one, and got an anodized wheel nut for the back wheel but also thinking about a higher (maybe adjustable) touring screen and maybe bar risers for a more comfortable position. I hope to find a couple more experienced owners here…

GabePs. Greece, I’m coming next summer!!! :cool:







I do believe Rioting Rob can give you some tips on how to arrive at BMM in style on a Triumph :wink:

Bought from Metropolis Vauxhall? Very nice and tidy bike that…you will enjoy it for sure.

Cheers mate. Yepp it is metropolis. Do you happen to know the bike, or just recognized the arrangement? :slight_smile:

Lovely bike! is a good place to register. Ribald humour and what not, but also very good advice. is another good place for servicing, very good mechanics, Triumph specialists for a good price.

Enjoy the bike and stick a decent end can on there for the lovely triple burble!

Thanks for the suggestion, I registered and already found engine maps and interesting stuff… I will prob. contact tri-moto for a 12k service early next year!


nice machine, looks very very tidy

I’ve got the first impressions now. Seems reasonably stable at 140mph (i was told, i don’t ride above 70 :wink: ), a bit less comfortable seating position than the Deauville but oh my god there’s a difference in power and noise… :slight_smile:
I can pop wheelies in first gear too, and that makes me happy, so keeping the bike for a while… :slight_smile:

Those bikes are just sooooooooooo common :D:P

well done Gabe, that’s indeed a very nice machine to look at:D hope to see you soon, after all it’s been a while…where have you been???:w00t:

Good to see you back posting again, might see you tomorrow?

Nice bike. Good call getting rid of the Deauville - the Sprint is much better.

shes luverrrly:D