New wheels

picking up my new k5 2day ,should be starting mods this afternoon ???

Lucky *******…

Nice one fella Not jealous at all

Good weather for it as well!

i’d better tell my kids christmas is cancelled cos ive spent all my dosh, whoops

LOL… Nice! Hang on, haven’t you just recently bought a bike?

yeh i did but then leggy pete phoned me 8.30 last sat morning, to tell me they had a blue and white k5 in colin collins harrow, so its his fault, blame him ? im off 2 get it better be ready c ya…

As said before ‘you lucky bassa’, a few wise words someone told me…‘just remember your not valentino rossi’.

Nice one mate, what are you doin wif your other gixxer?


Its not my fault, you rode the Stealth and you were hooked. The K3 is back at Colin Collins, but hes got lots of K3 goodies contact J K.

i saw a black k5 1000 parked in a bike bay in central london with “londonbikers” stickers on tailpiece. i hope you work overlooking the bike bay, i saw one guy walikng round it very admiringly for the brief time i was in that street. very brave!

Wasnt mine its never left alone

I’m not jealous mate… (much!!!)