New Wheels For My 04 R1

Pick these babys up this coming Saturday

Wow! They are awesome.

I’m in love… they are stunning, must have set you back a few quid?
where did you get them from darbo ?

Getting them from HPS mate, i know Jay has had bad dealings with them in the past but ive found them OK. Expensive yes ,but im led to believe its the best mod you can make to your bike so this will be my last for a while

they look like they are worth every penny of the very expensive price

Darbo, very nice! I’m really glad that you plumped for the best you could get, and didn’t go for the aluminium-alloy ones! These are amazing, and should look equally incredible once installed on your bike! Just make sure you adjust the suspension to suit the much-lowered unsprung weight difference you’ll now be sporting.

Be sure to share the installation pictures with us fella Oh, by the way, I’m happy to recommend HPS to others, as I had a history of successful and plesant purchases, it’s just that the last purchase wasn’t a good one and I complained (as I do, quite often, as Foxy is always keen to point out ) and just haven’t been buying the sort of things they sell lately. I may well buy from them again.

WOW, they are lovely, at least as exciting as your avatar if not more so, sorry girls…

afterthought : all of them would be even better, please Santa !

Nice smart looking wheels. Bet they will look the dogs danglies when installed. All the best for successful fitment.

Have you got the wheels on yet darbo ?

I’m in love too! I shouldn’t have seen it! Now I want

The avatar is great but wouldn’t last as longer as these wheels would to me…

Not got them on yet Want wavey discs and new tyres to go with them so will be after Christmas, not that bothered as wont be riding over winter

They should look very sexy, don’t forget to post some pics when they are all fitted and looking cool… prehaps you could give a report on the ride diference with them on compared to your old stock ones.

Prehaps father christmas will bring you a set
thats if you have been a good boy!!!

Took me what seemed forever to put my Marchesini’s on too. Took a while to find a killer deal on some wav’s and Ti bolts…ya gotta wait for all the right parts but waiting sux!

Those are awesome wheels man, can’t wait to check them out on the bike.


fantastic wheels mate, but be very selective with who you let fit tyres to them!!! as the carbon wheels arnt easily(if at all) repairable… also watch out for them pot holes, kerbs, animals small children etc… saw a rear BST destroyed in china when the chain adjustment was set too loose (not by me!!) and it compleatly destroyed the rim. oh yeah, and get some UV protective wax for them, as carbonfibre breaks down after time with exposure to sunlight.

Is there anything good about them then

well they are black… lol , no seriously though, nice set of wheels mate