New wheels for a Newbie...

Picking up a year old Kwaka in the morning - ER 7f - probably a bit tame for most of you guys - but am new to this biking lark…sad to wave the Scooter off - but can’t afford two sets of wheels.:crying:

So - any new decent advice for a novice? Am taking the corners at walking pace at the moment (per my DAS training) - and not overly keen on doing much more for a while - but guess there’s no point in having a bike and riding too slowly.

Any thoughts?

erm i think its an ER6-f mate:D

congrats tho! just go easy until you get more confidence, dont be scared to ride in all weathers too, it wil help you understand what the bike will and wont do (hopefuly without any spills). in the wet concentrate on going slower than in teh dry and going along smoothly, lower the revs a little and all will be fine. and brake very gently in the wet.

most of all, stay aware of that fact your vunerable, always be alert and be ready for someone to pull out on you as if your not there:w00t:. dont be bullied by cars, keep a good road postion, but dont argue with them, they can hurt you!:wink:

i’ve only had my licience for 9 months, this is how i’ve stayed on my bike, commuting and just riding around in general:) hope it helps.

Great advice above :wink:

Slow and steady wins the day, and you’ll soon become more comfy in time :cool:

No rush :smiley:

Thanks for the advice guys - and yep - it is a 6f…my novice/numpty status showing big time!

Dont worry about the bike, loads of people in the club have similar.

Again good advice from Ratty, keep your vision high and be wary of everything. Look at the wheels of cars pulling out, you notice the wheels moving a lot quicker than the car lump.

Dont worry about doing anything too quickly it will take time, even the experienced guys on here learn a few things now and again…