new wavey discs

just got the new wavey discs for my gixer i ordered a couple of weeks ago 108 quid deliverd bargain and i know there good as i have a set on my gullarm;)

You got a link for that dude, or was it an Ebay thing?

bit late but was an ebay thing from these people


Blimey, that’s a bargain. Even if they don’t last they ain’t bad at that price.

I’ve just paid £400 for a pair of used brembo 320 discs (Brembo only sell round discs) Luckily they were attched to a pair of brembo wheels though.

Technically speaking, if they aint round are they still discs?:w00t:


If you insist.


Were is the link to ebay for that? :w00t:

Ducati Pete (06/07/2008)

If you insist.[/quote]You, my friend, are Just Wrong;):D:D:D

thats the honda ones £128 for front and rear deliverd

they work really well with 2xh pads even in the wet!!

will take pic of the others when there on

are they stealth discs? can see some writing on em looks like stealth.

i need some discs if can get any decent 2nd 1s will try another route, lol

108 quid for a PAIR?

Ooh this interests me…

Pete, I’ve only just seen your photo; you naughty boy :slight_smile: Keep up the good work…

Discs look okay :slight_smile:

I think that stamping says “Min.Th” - minimum thickness.
I have a set of Solo Corse front discs on my ZX9, and although they work very well, the buttons are horrendously loose and rattle like a rattly thing full of rattly stuff.
Did only cost £100 for the pair, mind :slight_smile:

That guy seems to not do the right ones for my bike :frowning:

nor mine…:crying:

He only put it on 14 months ago;)

just found this lot, dont seem to be a bad price for whole set and pads.

that just gave the office a good laugh!