New VFR's

Hi felow bikers.
This is some ideas for the new vfr.I own and i love the bike !
So this is my new vfr’s
Wich one u like the most?



LIke the fins on the first one, the headlight on the second and the wheels on the last one :slight_smile: and two stubby fireblade exhausts either side would probably look very sweet :slight_smile:

so which one is it ment to be as there are 3 differant pic’s there ??

yeah, 3rd one with 2nd ones lights :slight_smile:

No. 3

Honda going for a sharpy style. Love the second, especially the headlight.

I got eight of these…gorgeous

Number 3…

Because it’s nice and it’s in blue. :slight_smile: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Number 1 for me, but in proper Honda red, not their current VFR red. Love the fins and the underseat exhuast.

Well this is my desighns i dont thing the new vfr will look like any of those;)

I like the idea:w00t:


any news from big H if they are going to bring out a new VFR for '09 ?

1st one’s horrible, second one looks OK but it looks like it’s got a scooter sized back wheel and a MASSIVE seat unit, 3rd one looks really good, better than the normal VFR.

[font=Tahoma][size=5]I’d be happy to have ALL 3 of them.

BUT the honest answer is - only if they allow people with normal sized hands the ability to change the headlamp bulbs![/size][/font]

I think the third one is best. Nice work :slight_smile:

That’s good ! :smiley:

Not sure what you all like about the headlights on 2 - they look like Data from Star Trek.

No. 3 by a long margin would be my opinion.