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Hi , been visiting the site for a while, thought it was time I signed up. Currently riding an RS125, got my theory in 4 weeks, hope to do my DAS early next year and move up to an R6

Hello and welcome. You sound like a hennessy (site member) in the past. Pic of your bike in the members bikes gallery is a must. What rs125 do you have? I had a harada rep. Enjoy


Hey fella, welcome aboard! RS125 is an awesome bike, please do post up photos into the members bikes thread!

Thanks for the warm welcome

The RS is a 2000 model Rossi rep, registered in 02, bought in June. I had one exactly the same but in immaculate condition in February, was stolen from my front garden in April

This ones bodywork is a bit tatty, but it was cheap, and came with an Arrows pipe. Will post pics soon.

17-in-87… Welcome to the site… enjoy the ride…

Welcome to LB 17-in-87! Enjoy the site! Hey, we will be at the soho later on , why you don’t come and join us?

You sound like Henssesy’s brother… hehe

Well it’s not Obviously the man has gone the best way about biking by getting one of the best 125’s out there, then trying to go for the loving R6!

Hey 17-in-87, welcome to LB mate. By now you should know that your following in my footsteps, had an Aprilia RS125 Harada Rep and then moved on after passing my A2 and getting my beloved R6… Hope all goes well for you, I assume your going to have it restricted but be careful, although you havent got full throttle (well you’ve just a bit actually)… Its still got plenty of grunt coming straight from a 125.

What model R6 are you after?


PS. Is my display name that hard to spell that no f**ker can spell it??

I can’t type when I am on form, let alone tired and after a few beers. heh

Hi there mate,

Welcome aboard…mines a methanol n red bull, virtually.

Hey, Just got back from the Soho, it was very nice apart from the rain… Where were you puppy?

Hi again…

I’m after a 2000 R6, looking at spending around 3.5k after I pass the test(fingers crossed).

I’ll be 36 in Jan ,got back into bikes after a 17 year break didn’t get round to passing my test first time round, so the R6 will be full power…

Sorry for being presumptuous as most probably was when they saw your name!

Well good luck with getting the R6, its a great bike all round! I love my 2004 R6 its nice when its full powered too


Hello and Welcome Mate Ill have a vodka LOL

welcome 2 lb Vampire

I see you’ve found the world of smiley central Phil


Lol did you buy it from Hennessy

Welcome to the site mae