New unmarked speed humps in South London

I use the B221 - Kings Avenue, which runs from the bottom of Clpham High street up towards Stretham (I hate A23 Brixton Hill).

Yesterday I discovered, after I’d flown into the air, that they have installed semi speed bumps, the kind you can put a car wheel either side of. Of course they haven’t marked these, they are the same colour as the road and there are no signs… have fun


Yep and don’t forget the new traffic island just after the junction of Kings Avenue and Lyhams Road- take care when filtering.

They have put 2 new islands in along that road now.

any damage to the bike you can claim off of the council as these should be marked.

The bumps are marked but only with tiny pathetic faded yellow triangles. Rode along there again today and yes there is another new traffic island. It really brings home to you how these traffic calming measures really work- they make the road so dangerous and littered with obstacles (yes obstacles are dangerous!) that you have to slow down to walking pace to avoid having an accident. Mad.

I’m hoping they will paint them this weekend, after the third days commute I’m starting to remember they are there now!