New tyres

Hi, all

Its about that time I got some new tyres for the 636, so I was wondering what are you personal experiences of the best ones to get?

I don’t use her much as have 3 small young ones so just for the odd blast, Plus if I dare to say i’m a fair weather rider :Wow:

Thanks in advance

Can’t go wrong with a pair of racing slicks 8)

:hehe: sounds good to me

In all seriousness, tyres are tyres. You need to go and have a google and see what takes your fancy.

Personally I’d recommend Avon Distanzias but I’m not a fair weather or a sports bike rider. Everyone will have a different opinion but you need to take into consideration your riding style / cost / type of roads / etc.

Ones that come to mind…

road pilots
conti attacks

ALmost everyone in my office uses road pilots, good mpq (mile per quid) and grippy apparently.

I’ve always sworn by Michelin Pilot Roads. I started with 2s and now onto the 3s for preference. I try to get the previous version to avoid the price premium.

But saying that I was recently forced into getting some Bridgestone T30s which I took to Snetterton on a rainy day. I only felt the ABS kick in at the end of the straight so they seem to be OK. Durability is still out but had them on my ZZR14 since June for commuting and they are still in good condition.

If that’s your mo’cycle parked up on shiny red paddock stands fore n aft you’ll be happy with nothing other than Michelin Pilot Road 3’s :wink:

And that’s exactly what I went for. Took her for a spin today seemed all good to me. Thanks for the advice :smooooth:

Should have gone for Pilot Road 4`s.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m getting new tyres for xmas
PR4s on my commuter (SV650) and S20 EVOs on my weekend toy (R6).


Got PR4s on my SV on Saturday, what a difference!

Regarding the old worn PR3s, when I took the bike in, they said,
“you got your moneys worth out of those”.

No more twitching over white lines, overbanding and other ruts and bumps
or fighting it into corners… due to very worn squared off old tyres.

It now handles superbly, it’s all relative, it is an SV :wink:

I got RP4s too, they are amazing, can’t recommend them enough! Even without being scrubbed in they handled my scatty 675 and heavy throttle hand on the soaking roads the day after they were put on :smiley: