New Tyres

Hi there

I was recently charged £295 for new front & Back tyres for my V-max and £110 for new brake pads

Does this sound reasonable?

Can’t remember what tyres they are unless i go downstairs and check but assume they are top quality

What do you reckon?

Ouch. Not sure of the going rate for equipment on there but glad i don’t have one if thats the norm.

Just got a set of super corsas for the SV, fitted, for £208.

Sounds a bit high to me.

I do 400 miles a week so go through a few…

…I get my tyres at Essential Rubber in N1.

Excellent service and quite reasonable, much less than £200 for front and rear fitted…and free banter thrown in…

Sounds expensive for tyres, I NOW go to Motorcycletyresuk in Romford. £195.00 for a pair of BT014’s fitted ride in ride out.

Not sure about expense for Pads but seems a bit rich given they would have wheels off to do tyres any way and changing pads is easy enough.

I need to know if i should question this as i have known the guys for years and we are pretty good mates

Don’t want to offend them but saying that don’t want to be taken for a ride

What do you think

Need some moral support here


It’s expensive Ox. Tyres for your bike cost in the region of £130-200, and pads about £40-50. So that’s £150~ worth of labour right there, which is wrong because changing the pads takes 20 mins and the tyres 20 mins as well, so really the labour charge should be £40-50 for an hour’s worth of work.

…and changing the pads it´s a very easy and quick DIY job so I would try to save on that as well next time. And yes, sounds like a rip off.

Sheeeeeeiiittt, that sounds very expensive mate, have a look on line for cost of your tyres and pads, then you will know how much labour they are charging you.

Ouch that sound’s terrible - and a “mate” too.

Colchester Motorcycles are floggin Dragon Evos for £130 for two pairs (+£10 total fitting). Not sure how long they are going to last on the ZZR1100 but they make life so much more fun than “sports touring” tyres. Not sure I will be able to go back to sports touring tyres… may have to stock up on a few pairs of the Evos!

Mate just picked up his 600 K6 today. Not with jealousy at all.

Just called them and it was £128 + vat for the back & £98 + vat for the front

That’s £265 plus £30 for an hours labour

Called another garage and they would have charged me £170. for the lot but don’t know if the are of the same quality

I need to check the tyre types as i am sure they would not rip me off but can’t stop thinking about it now.

They a good guys and i have known them for years so doubt they would stiff me

Cheers for your advice

Hmmm tricky.

Old sage says “never mix business with friends”.

But the old tw@ is always coming up with advice AFTER the event