New Tyres

Been enjoying the bike so much I have not been paying much attention to tyres and just realised that my rear desperately needs changing. Is it good practice to change both tyres at once? I have done over 9000 miles but the front still has a few months in it.

Do rear only if you want, but if the front is squared off you may wish to change both.  I’ve changed rear tyre only and have 7k on the front, but it is still fine and has loads of tread, so next time will be both tyres (if the front does not need changing before that!)

I used to change them at a ratio of roughly 2 rears to every front. If the front is getting towards the end of it’s life sometimes I’d change it early just for the convenience of not having to go back.

All depends on your riding in my view… if you’re full throttle, max lean all the time then change both. If you’re ‘normal’ then I’d probably not…

I agree with Joby - perhaps 2:1 is a bit high; 1.7:1 is better… :slight_smile:

Aight good to know. I hope the fact that I will be going for PR4s at the rear leaving the stock Bridgestones at the front wouldn’t affect my ride

Oh eh. I believe the others where assuming you where swapping to same tire. I don’t believe it’s good practice to mix and match

If you ride what your picture suggests “gsxr” L1 to L6, they were coming with some shitty bridgestones from the factory. Having in mind that that’s supersport change both and have a piece of mind knowing you got good boots.

Yes it’s a 2015 gsxr 750 and you are right with regards to the Bridgestones hence wanting to go PR4s

@Changyammi what’s the issue with running different tyres ??

Makes no difference as you are not mixing radials with plys.  Just ride the thing. I’ve got Pirelli on front and Maxxis on the rear. Only tyres I’ve binned have been Dunlops 207’s as they were totally shit.  Mix and match as you please. 

A lot of places (and people) don’t like it. I’ve had places make it very hard for me to fit different tyres onto my Supermoto… I got that from different recommendations and likes the feel they gave. Funny thing is, I would happily fit different tyres on the SM, but never did on the GSR. Not sure I would either.

Someone with a more educated opinion can give a proper argument as to why you should keep same or why you could swap… On a GSXR, I wouldn’t mix but that wouldn’t be based on any fact… 

They’re designed to work together. Won’t do it on a sports bike.

Used to be due to the design as some makers made radial tyres and others didnt . Also Different compound types will give different handling characteristics.
But in reality if your just pootling along the issues would be minimal .
Its when you start using the bike as its designed you may find the difference but some cross matches are complimentary but its due to a personal preference

Thanks all good to know…

My Fazer is on Bridgestone front and Pirelli rear, but that’s how it arrived with me and I don’t know any better :slight_smile:

Touch wood, nothing’s exploded yet.

it wont explode.  they will warm up at different times and they will give you different types of grip.  its your choice, but to me when you’re leaning over or riding in the wet that’s quite an important matter.

Lots of myths surrounding tyre choices for motorcycles, much of what you always wanted to know about tyres here

If it’s a cheap runaround bike and you’re not concerned about the handling then I guess I could make do.  But you’ve got a 2015 GSXR which has cost a lot of your hard earned. Why skimp on tyres, hinder performance and ruin its handling? 

For a few quid extra you’ll be smiling even more!

Definitely not a cheap run around so yeah will go for new on front and back. Will be good to hear what the garage has to say about the matter, but they will probably give advice that lines their pockets. Plus my next step is to get my suspension set up so might as well invest correctly.

Didn’t think mixing was illegal though as that article says


B is the person you want to see about suspensions :wink: