New Tyres, Can anyone recommend a quality shop/fitting centre?

Hi all,

I’ve made my mind up and decided I want to go balls out and get the new Pilot Power 2CT for my ZX6R. Now this could be a bit OTT for a bloke that ain’t the quickest in the world. But hey, it’s my money, and decent rubber is arguably the most important thing you can have on a bike. So I’ve pricing it all up.

On Ebay you can pick up the tyres for £190 for a set and yet I’ve been quoted £230 for tyres and fitting from 1 place and £270 from infinity in Purley. Can anyone recommend a good place in South London/Surrey where I’m not going to get ripped off. I can’t help but feel people are taking the Pi55…



Personally I would just put SupeCorsas on the bike but as you say, its your money and your choice. A very decent outfit in the South Area is Soames Tyres in Croydon, not sure of contact details but the chap who runs it is the muts when it comes to tyres.

Nice 1 Chuffster, I’ll try and get their number and contact them.

I also noticed the other week that you put in 1 of your posts re the BSB at Brands, that you’re mates with Kelv. He’s pals with 1 of my mates and I bought my bike off him, he gave me a pretty good deal…

I have known kelvo and his family for many years now. I used to do some of the track days with wheelpower. Kelvo didn’t fair so well at the weekend, he got taken out on lap 17 I believe.

Glad you got a good deal from him.

As for Soames tyres, I have tried the web and directory enquiries etc but it appears they may have gone, real shame if they have. You could always get your hands on the tyres and get wheelpower to fit them, they do that service and don’t usually charge much. Obviously better for them if you just take the wheels in.

I know that they have been slated a lot in Name & Shame section, but I’ve always been alright with FWR ( hides behind sofa smilie )!!

Wraysbury tyres in Chertsey/Shepperton are excellent, decent prices, stock, trustable.

They also do tyre support at trackdays and carry R&G kit and other consumables

Yeah, I’m afraid I’ve heard some bad reports on the FWR so am a bit reluctant to send my POJ in J-Man. A bloke in my office has had issues with them in the past as well. But thanks for the reply

I’ll give the wraysbury boys a call. Cheers Kao5

Kelv’s a good bloke, been out for a couple of beers with him before. My mate also paints his helmet for him.

I watched the coverage on Sky of the National Superstock Championship, and heard his name mentioned as the front runners passed him in the gravel at druids.

I didn’t realise he got taken out tho. Booooo.

Nevermind plenty more rounds to claw his way up the championship

Just a newbie question: what’s so difficult/different/special about bike tyres that you need to get a ‘specialist’ to fit your tyres on a bike, when you’d do it yourself on your car? Or do people not know how to do it on a car either?

Just asking, as I only have a scooter and get my tyres changed twice a year at £80 a pop, but my dad changes the car tyres himself (you need three separate sets in Finland: summer, winter (i.e., midseason), and the real winter tyres with studs.

Tyres, or wheels Paivi? Anyone can change a wheel, it requires only a basic toolkit, but changing a tyre requires the skill of doing so and specialist equipment like a tyre fitting machine (don’t know the real name) and an airline (footpump would take forever!), most people don’t have these, as the machines cost a couple of grand, so I’m led to believe.

Ah, that’s what it must be. My dad must have bought his tyre collection already fitted to a a wheel (if that makes sense) and then just changed the wheels every 4 months.

Try watlin tyres in catford,i buy my tyres on line and always take them there to be fitted.seem to know their rubber.

If your after Pilot Power 2CT’s then get yourself to HGB in South Ruislip they will fit them for 213 quid. But be careful because they haven’t had too good a history.

I just got a pair put on yesterday, I’m still scrubbing them in but I’m impressed.

Best thing to do with tyres is to try them all, atleast that way you know which ones you like and which ones you will be confident on.

lol sorry just seen you want somewhere south of the river lol. Well if your up for a ride lol