New Tyre Time

The R1 is now due a new rear tyre, It came originally with Pirelli Diablo Corsas, I’m planning on just changing the rear tyre this time around,

I’ve tried to find a Diablo Corsa to match the front but haven’t had any luck!! Can i replace the rear with a Diablo Corsa lll???

What is the main difference between the Pirelli Diablo Corsa & Diablo Corsa lll

its fine - sides are softer rubber now like the 2ct, centre is the same

You can have the brand new BT015s from my new bike…! :slight_smile:

I’d rather have the Dragon Corsa 3s (they were awesome on that Daytona).

Maybe they could be used for “The track bike” Just ordered a Diablo Corsa lll :stuck_out_tongue:

R & G do a lovely looking tail tidy for the new toy :wink: All £115 pounds of it :w00t:

For your new toy, or mine?

Your lovely new Honda!!