New Twin Horns

Hi all,

Just a quick question for those who may have done this before. Ive just bought a pair of these:

They are Motrax ‘Hootaz’ - Twin horns with combined output of 130db! My existing horn is SOO crap its unbeliveable…

Was just wondering if anyone has got these or similar and if so, whether i need to faff about with a relay or just make up a twin harness to run both of them of my existing horn supply?

ANY help would be appreciated! For reference, im running a k6 650 Bandit (ABS) if that makes any difference?

well it depends if you intend to use them on a regular basis for longer periods than a split second…and the state of the cable…if its a good multi-core cable with some thickness then it may be okay but you should really run a new cable if its not and a relay isnt a great deal of trouble…will be better than seeing the bike in flames or your wiring melted…etc…

I would without doubt fit a relay. It’s not worth taking a gamble for the sake of a few pennies. You could end up with a melted blob if your gamble goes wrong:w00t:

Thanks for that - Have now purchased a relay, line fuse and the required connectors - All in one handy box from halfords for about a tenner…

Will let you know how good they are when ive hooked it all up and fitted 'em. :slight_smile:

Did you fit these in the end ? I got some for my GS500 before Xmas and have only fitted one (replacing the stock horn).

How did you fit them i.e. attach them to the bike ?

How do you wire the relay up ?

(sorry for the 100s of questions :stuck_out_tongue: )

I did the same just fitted one for now will find new home for the pair when it warms up ! still hell of a lot louder with one over standard horn.

Well… it kind of got cold and nasty, and i ended up at a party and… long story short - No, I havent fitted them yet… but seeing as you’ve got 1 fitted each, I might as well try ONE properly tomorow :slight_smile:

Will let you know and post pics when ive got it all wired up etc…


I have one of those horns fitted to my Bandit 600. One is far more than enough, believe me. You don’t need any relays. Just fit it to the original connectors and presto.