New trackbike

Hi,just a pic of my new track bike…hope u all like it !!!



Nice :cool:

Nice bike but just be aware that the early blades do tend to run out of ground clearance pretty quickly be aware!

cheers m8,i probably would have found that out at some stage…pmsl…or should that be…rofc ?

Nice one!

I had one like that in white n red:)

That’s nice, very nice.

Is that Roll On the Floor Crying? :laugh:Nice bike btw. :slight_smile:

Hmmmmm i couldnt find out if the ground clearance ran out :)…and boy did i try:DWOW !!! what a great day i had at brands(sat)…not many there at all…and the weather was fine :cool:

Nice work mate, any pics of you on the new steed?

Mate of mine was there taking pics with his new camera so i’ll see if he got any of you :slight_smile:

Cheers m8.not got any pics of me om it yet,well tell a lie,theres plenty from the organizers photographer on site,but have not yet got round to getting some done without his logo appearing across them :angry:

cough right click, save cough :smiley:

looks good fella, i wanna track bike :frowning:

Been seriously thinking of turning the R1 into a trackbike…Space for one more on that Hummer you just bought JB :Whistling: :slight_smile:

think this might be your old bike mate? was at brands end of october