new track bike

well i have one at last zx7r pretty much stock been dynoed but not much else been done other than mapping to the exhaust…and the suspension set up a bit…

Cant wait to get it on the track now…

Very nice:)

I hope it has a V5;)

I like Kawasaki’s as track bikes. They blend in when laying on the grass.

Have fun on it :slight_smile:

thanks jay, just my thought…yes have the v5 chunky…well i will tomorrow when I go get her…

Do yourself a favour and get a decent rear shock (and set up) for it. You’ll love the front end.

A bit big and clumsy and will probably feel huge compared to newer 600’s ala 2001 onwards, but should hang with 600’s on track pretty much.

yep we will see, just gotto go out and have fun…R1 was too ddangerous with me riding so this should be better I hope, just love the look and the green…

Way to go man

It’ll rock.

Oh and when you’re done with the shock, aim for some AP brakes :slight_smile:

hmm its a bit more tuned than I thought…been dynoed at 120bhp at the back wheel, re jetted by a guy at mallory park, and had its suspesion set up by some company called 100% suspension…looks good runs good, front wheel not rolling very free, may have that off and have a look at the bearings…

Its heavy…dropped it already…turned the steering wheel, about to move off and it has no lock, so over I went…silly me…needs a battery will get a little one to reduce the weight…and see what else I can junk to lose more weight.

Its green though and looks good…cant wait to get out on it…might try a track day this year…

120 is about standard, Jetting is probably more to sort the fuelling rather than anything alse!

RJS is the company at Mallory.

100% suspension are at most No Limits trackdays, they will twiddle all day for £40 quid. will do the best they can for what you have on the bike.

Front wheel = calipers probably need a good clean / overhaul! easy job to do, and best to do it now whilst you aren’t using it!

Yeah mine gave 120 a few years back after the Akro system was fitted. And they are heavy, but us owners prefer to think of that as “built in stability”.


Nice one, glad you’ve got hold of one - mine still manages to keep with more modern bikes, awesomely stable, and unbelievable front end.

120bhp is deffo tuned quite a bit - a decent full exhaust system plus re-jetting will get that, mine is standard with end can - makes 109bhp.

Weight saving - see it you can remove any of the subframe, lightweight wheels, remove any unecessary metal, and check the fairing - is it fibreglass? That’ll be lighter than standard too. Spares a plenty on the Redmonkey zx7r site, plus plenty of advice.

If you need any help fettling with it, give me a bell - happy to help (and learn)

Nice one…I was thinking about a £49 No Limits trackday.

Down to £39 with one of my Bikesafe vouchers :wink:


ooh yes thanks for the offer, will need tons of help, no idea how the old girls runs or anything, had a quick blast felt okay…yes fibregalss fairing, properly done everything bolted and wired, shes a proper tracky bike and she looks good too, my mate does all the graphics so am going to get him to knock a few up for me to hide some of the old slide marks…

thanks killer will for sure be in touch…my immediate thoughts are ditch the big batery get a small one…strip off anything that dont look useful, wiring loom still on it so that will go slowly once I know what its all for…it has a full race can and exhaust system, am all keen now…

Hey afro will my edge 44 (bike safe equivalent) get me a reduction and when you going next…will tag along to warm the bike up and find out about it…its a very different ride to the R1…will need to be a bit careful, it is a lot heavier top end and feels it…