New toy

So I went and picked up my new toy today 2002 KTM 520 EXC.
It is a proper grin machine. What fun riding it home!! Im a sm convert already!!
It needs a bit of work doing to it but I got a cracking deal on it by taking it as it is, I need to strip it down, clean it up, put a new front wheel bearing on it and the carb needs cleaning then put it through the MOT and whilst its striped down I may get the engine out and get the frame painted black. I cant wait to take it out properly!!

Looks great! Glad to see you’ve bounced back well.

Well done! Hope you enjoy your new ride for a long time to come! :slight_smile:

It was fate, you’ve been talking about getting one before you got the blade.

Toy toy … dont you fecking start !!

Bloody hell that didn’t take long!
Hope you’re not the same with people :smiley:

Nice one marm!

I want one

lol @ Alba, Yes, I’m very Fickle when it comes to people :slight_smile:

@ Chris, Yes i really do think its fate as this one was literally 5 mins from my house and it was a great deal too, i think… “every cloud an all that”!!

@Art, do it!!! I’ve only taken it 5 mins from the place i picked it up to mine and i was smilling like a cheshire cat, my Blade never gave me that buzz on such a short distance. The only thing is i felt like a bit of a Hooligan riding through Hornchurch Town Centre with the exhaust popping!!!

Also i need to get used to Turning the fuel on and off and putting the Choke on and off too!!

I Just put the black rear mud gaurd on it and it looks better already :slight_smile:

I’m probably having a mid life crisis, I learnt to ride on a works BSA trials bike

Don’t worry too much about the fuel thing… No need to do it everytime you park it for an evening/ week.

What happens if i leave it on???

Fickle with people, Sam? No you bloody well aren’t, you’re my mate aren’t you?:joy:

Anyway nice bike, why do you like it so much more than the blade?

Oh and please don’t call it a toy lol

It’ll probably leak fuel really slowly (more slowly than it evaporates, so you don’t end up with a puddle). The fear is more that you’ll jump on it for a ride and it’ll be empty.

Just get out on it every weekend and you’ll be fine :slight_smile: I pushed the WR to the petrol station this morning :confused:

Think you mean 'put it through a service ’ as you wouldn’t ride a bike on the road illegally would you :grin:

every garage should have one

Nice one Sam.
I think I lasted one week saying I won’t ride my ktm like a hooligan. Then one gridlocked day, I rode over two islands and the pavement to make progress lol

That look terrific Sam. Good to see you back on a “toy”* so soon.

*Get that terminology from me by any chance?

I do all my own servicing so it will stay in the Garage, plus i will book it in for an MOT so that way i can ride it to the Station Legally as its insured :slight_smile:

Why can’t i call it a Toy??? i play with it and it makes me laugh so its a Toy :slight_smile:

@ Slan, of course your my Mate, :slight_smile:

@ Slan…
It is just totally different, Its hard to explain to someone who’s never rode one, it is so different to a sports bike, it is probably just as quick to 30mph as my blade but the gearing is really short so you are changing through the gears and are really involved with the riding of it, but most importantly, rather than slowing down for speed humps you just stand up and ride over them!! it is a constant laugh!!

I’ll let you have a go of it when i see you next as it doesn’t matter if you drop it lol